Announcing the Engagement


So gents, you’ve been down on bended knee and wowed with the perfect gem.  Oh, and she said yes.  So now it’s onto the job of proudly (you) gushing (her) to the whole world (definitely her) of your impending nuptials.  Granted no-one’s going to think it’s strange if your beloved starts staring longingly at a wedding dress here or there, but stag weekends can’t be booked until your mates get a heads-up on the gig at hand, and you’ll have a mighty fine job explaining a sudden obsession with cummerbunds until people know the score.  But before anyone starts swinging from the trees (you) or shouting it from the rooftops (her… with a megaphone), it’s worth taking a look at all the options when it comes to announcing an engagement.

Does it matter who we tell first?

Well in the grand old scheme of things….. YES IT DOES!  Without doubt!  We like an adventure at GoGroom as much as the next guy.  Skydiving?  No probs.  Lion taming?  Bring it on.  Hell, we’ll even jump in and take the whole course on why purple isn’t mauve and lilac matters.  But leaving your Mum until last on the list?  Good luck gentlemen.  But you’re on your own.

No two ways about it, when it comes to announcing an engagement, etiquette reigns supreme.

Wedding announcements – who first?

You don’t need the experts to tell you (although they will…. right here) that your nearest and dearest head the line-up when it’s time to spread the word.  Without doubt the bride’s mother nabs top spot for wedding announcements, so plane, train, automobile, pony express or pigeon, she needs to be first to be told!  Yes, the chances are she’ll already know ‘what’s occurin’, you more than likely asked for her parents’ blessing afterall.  But it’s respectful, courteous and traditional…. and to be frank you’ll be in a whole heap of trouble if you don’t.

Tradition dictates you should inform the crowds as follows:

  • Parents (bride’s first)
  • Grandparents
  • Siblings
  • Other close relatives
  • Close friends
  • The rest of ‘em

Ways to announce your engagement 

Close family and friends

Depending on a) the location of your proposal, and b) whether or not your remembered to charge your phone before you left, you’ve got a couple of options up for consideration in letting your families and close pals know the awesome news.  Nothing beats telling your folks in person, so if it’s practical (and patience isn’t an issue) a personal approach is always the way to go.  But if you’ve pulled off the proposal to beat them all and your new bride-to-be can’t wait to share the news then we’re pretty sure you won’t have a choice on how people find out.  And you probably won’t see your phone again for the next few hours either.  Battery life depending.

The rest

With your nearest and dearest all firmly in the loop, there are a host of ways you can let the rest of your mates and the wider world in on the occasion.

Newspaper announcement

The local rag used to be the go-to method for formally announcing an engagement and if your parents (it’s customarily down to them to arrange this one) are traditional folk, they might still want to take out a double page spread on your behalf.  Check out Debrett’s guide to getting it right.

Snail mail / funny cards

Sticking with the traditional theme, you might have a few in your wider circle who’ll still appreciate the more formal approach (jolly Aunty Ethel perhaps?), so a well-written wedding announcement card can work wonders.  Alternatively, you might equally have a questionable bunch with a sense of humour to match, and there are some cracking funnies out there you could send their way.

It’s worth being tactful on this one though, gents.  Bear in mind the bods you want to see at the wedding – there’s every chance a formal card could be taken as an invite to the big day.  Choose wisely!

Save the date cards

And on to the multi-tasking segment of today’s lesson.  ‘Save the date’ cards make for a top notch choice in keeping a formal vibe to the announcement, but more importantly they’ll also give your guests a handy heads-up early on in proceedings so arrangements can be made well in advance of the big day.

Engagement party

We don’t need to explain this one….. do we?  Check out some top tips for throwing a first class engagement bash.

Wedding website

It it’s all about t’internet (app reviews), creating your own wedding website can make for a great option primarily to announce your nuptials, but also to keep everyone up-to-date along the way with facilities to collect RSVPs, assign duties, share blogs, gush about how you met, boast about the 5* hotel you’ve got booked for afters….  Check out www.gettingmarried.co.uk, www.weddingsite.co.uk and www.appycouple.com for ideas.


We’re pretty sure we don’t need to tell you the ins and outs on this one.  But if you’re going to head for social media why not check out the GoGroom crew on Twitter for more tips and advice, and a bunch of strictly un-pc funnies for some lighthearted pre-nuptial laughs.

Engagement / save the date videos

For a thoroughly modern (and mightily impressive) take on things, engagement videos are rocketing up the charts as crowd favourite on the announcement scene.  Cool, calm, (dare we say) cute or downright crazy, the world’s your virtual lobster, gents!


Epic Engagement Announcements

The One With Censorship (no… really)

Two lawyers, one helicopter, mad hip-hop skills and… er… a Great Gatsby tribute.
They ‘wanted it to be different’ – mission spectacularly accomplished.

The Big Screen Blockbuster

‘She wanted to find Mr Right…. Instead she found Mr Wong’  Parodies, clichés, funnies and SFX
make Jeff and Erin’s mash-up one of the most epic engagement announcements of all time.
Top nod to the daring duo!

The One That’s Not Strictly An Announcement

BUT when you’re the man who can get Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Hugh Jackman, Samuel L Jackson and The Muppets to appear in your home-made clip, we’re pretty sure you can head the top of any list you damn well please!  GoGroom salutes you sir!

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