The wedding proposal. There is no one question you’ll ask in your life that will have quite such a massive impact (unless you’re wearing a John McClane style white vest, standing beside the Chief of Police as you phone headquarters asking if you should cut the red or the blue wire). The proposal is the BIG one.

It’s also the moment your bride will talk about for the rest of her life, all her female friends and relatives will be asking how you finally asked her for her hand and the romantic tale she’s then able to tell is how you shall henceforth be judged by her nearest and dearest.

Getting it right is a tricky operation that requires both imagination and planning but if you’re not sure where to begin to give her the type or proposal she’s always dreamed of here’s a complete guide to everything you need to know about “popping the question”.



‘A proposal of marriage requires planning; it’s an occasion that demands once-in-a-lifetime romance that will be recalled time ...


Announcing the Engagement

So gents, you’ve been down on bended knee and wowed with the perfect gem.  Oh, and she said yes.  So now it’s onto the job ...