Song & Dance

You’ve made a few great playlists in your time, you’re no stranger to a turn as DJ and you know music. But wedding music? That’s a whole different kettle of vinyl. And then there is the dancing!

While you might not know much about wedding seat covers, bridesmaids dresses, finding the perfect colour confetti to match the bride’s bouquet when it comes to music you are on solid ground. Plus by taking charge it means you can banish all One Direction, Lady Gaga and (perish the thought) Celine Dion. This is a task you can really get stuck into, however there is more to wedding music than first meets the eye.

You’ve got to cater for older relatives who’ll want to get up and dance, kids and teenagers who for the most part will find a wedding a boring experience that will only be livened up with some top tunes. There are all your friends who’ll want to throw a few shapes once the Pimms and champagne have kicked in. Your mum will want her favourite, your dad will want something to sing-along to, you’ll need some slower numbers to dance to.

Do you stick to a DJ or hire a band?
Tribute act or party band?
Jazz singers or jukebox favourites?
And that’s just the dancefloor tunes

Not that we want to worry you but there’s also…

And what do you do for that dance? Do you spin round and round on the spot like your old high school disco or are you mad enough to try and pull off one of the weird craze of wedding dances that have taken YouTube by storm?

So there is a probably more to the music than you first realised however you can be rightly proud that your iPod has never contained anything by Robin Thicke, your car stereo is a Kanye West free zone. You Sir are a man of class and taste so let’s get that music sorted.

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