Team Groom

You asked one little question and suddenly everything has gone a bit crazy. While the bride will have her own support network of family and friends all keen to lend an ear and support in the build up to the big day for us chaps mentioning the forthcoming nuptials in the pub with the lads on a Friday night is likely to be met with not just some resistance but he physical removal of your man card.

But you do need to enlist your own crack squad to have your back in the run up to the wedding and helping to manage things on the day itself. Choosing “Team Groom” is a delicate operation, you don’t want to upset any mates by leaving them out of the starting line-up but equally you want the coolest heads and best men for the job (if you’ll pardon the pun). And giving them a good idea of their jobs will ensure the smooth running of all things groom.

Best man

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