Wedding Planning & Finance

Planning out your big day should be a joint affair and there is plenty for any man to get involved in. Yes on the face of it seating plans, wedding invites, wedding protocol, what time to release the doves (?!?) might seem like a foreign language but the more you dive in and get involved the more you’ll enjoy the process. And remember it’s all new to her too. You can either share all the tasks together or each take ownership of certain wedding bookings that you each feel more comfortable with. Have a plan, know who is responsible for what and agree the budget allocations.

Booking photographers, cars, videos and helping your future Mrs when she starts to turn a little “Bridezilla” are all par for the course for any top groom. As Rudyard Kipling correctly noted “If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you…” so stay cool calm and collected and you will come out as the hero of the hour.


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Coping with Bridezilla

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