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Choosing the Wedding Rings


Let’s be honest, with the nerve-wracking proposal and hunt for the perfect engagement ring firmly behind you the prospect of seeking out any more pre-nuptial metal can fast lose its appeal.  Not least because there’s a stag weekend, honeymoon and basically anything else that doesn’t involve another trip to a jewellery store to arrange first.  But given that you’ll be wearing (and be marginally terrified of losing) your wedding ring from here until eternity, it’s worth putting in the effort to get it right.  Luckily your clued-up bride will be on hand not only to choose her own wedding band this time but quite likely nudge you in the right direction for yours while she’s at it.  So with the pressure off and a few simple pointers at the ready, you’ll be celebrating mission superbly accomplished in no time.

Do I need to wear a wedding ring?

‘Well…. do ya, punk?’

‘It used to be very uncommon for men to wear wedding rings, and is now becoming accepted practice’,
says David Miller, director at etiquette experts Debretts.

So historically speaking, no.  Until fifty or so years ago wedding rings were strictly reserved for fair maiden of the hour.  Fast forward, er…. fifty years, and men’s wedding bands can be found on digits across mankind more often than not.  But ultimately, gents, it all comes down to personal preference.  Not a jewellery kind of guy?  You’re in right royal company.  Happy to sport that wedded bling?  Let’s get cracking!

Choosing a wedding ring

Tempting though it might be to grab the first band that comes into view, bear in mind you’ll be wearing your wedding ring for a ruddy long time!  So a little forethought and consideration will go a long way to finding not only the top band for your hard-earned cash, but the right band for you.

  • Practicality – it’s not just budget or design that need to play a key factor in deciding.  Golf master, F1 ace, lord of the empire or lion tamer, your ring needs to fit in with your lifestyle.  Size, strength and durability all need to be taken into consideration.
  • Comfort – did we mention you’ll be wearing your ring for a while?  The idea is to know it’s there, not be sharply reminded of wedded bliss with a vice-like wrench forever more.  Correct sizing and fit are essential.
  • Like it! – you need to.‘Nuff said.

What to consider

When it comes to the variety of men’s wedding rings on offer, the choices are vast.  Mightily handy for finding the ideal band.  Mind-bogglingly baffling in knowing where to begin.

Size (width)

Depending where your ring-finding adventures take you, men’s wedding bands can range anywhere from 3mm to 11mm in width, with 6-7mm generally leading the way as crowd favourite.  It’s personal preference all the way, but worth noting that if you’re looking for an intricate design you’ll have to size up.

Band shape and fit; traditional vs comfort

  • Traditional / square fit– long-time king of the wedding band. With a squared-off interior, less material means less pricey but if you’re unaccustomed to wearing a ring the square fit can certainly be more noticeable.
  • Comfort / rounded fit– newer kid on the wedding band block with a slightly domed interior.  Top nod for comfort but also slightly raises the risk of the ring falling off.  As a general rule the curved style will come up at around half a size smaller than the standard flat ring.

Types of metal


Platinum – hard-wearing, weighty and just about as manly as it gets, Platinum reigns supreme as king of the wedding band classics.  At twice the weight of gold and rust, scratch and pretty much anything else you can throw at it resistant, it also easily leads the way in exclusive durability.  Pricey?  Yes.  But a top dollar choice for the modern man.

Gold – malleable, flashy and versatile, the traditional choice for grooms since time began.  Available in 9, 18 and 22 carat, you can pick a band and budget to suit.  Not as scratch-resistant as some of its harder-wearing counterparts, and prone to wearing over time but an undeniable classic nonetheless.

White gold – handsome and easier on the wallet than platinum, white gold is an ever-popular choice for that all-important deed.  Possibly not the option for you if jewellery stores bring you out in a sweat – with a rhodium coating prone to wearing off over time, you might find yourself making regular repeat visits to keep it in top notch condition.


Palladium – boasts the prestige and durability of platinum but lighter in weight and a whole lot kinder on the wallet.  Also a solid choice if you’ve got sensitive skin.

Titanium – affordable, durable and it’s named after the mighty Titans, what more could you want?

Tungsten – yes it’s used in lightbulbs but with a wallet friendly price-tag and air of indestructability, Tungsten scores big on strength and value.

Cobalt Chrome – scratch resistant alloy with a high finish, very reasonable price-tag and all-important resistance to the heavy-handed ways of mankind.

Stainless steel – offers a blinding mix of strength, affordability and variety, with colours ranging from white through gunmetal to black.

One ring to….. brand them all????

With surveys showing that almost half of groom-kind regularly forget, or in some cases couldn’t even tell you the date they got married in the first place (but fear not ye forgetful few – the experts say it isn’t actually your fault), jewellery bods from across the pond have come up with a mightily novel idea to make sure you never forget again.


With a ring that heats up to an impressive 120F on the hour, every hour, for the entire 24hrs before the important date.

Harsh?  Possibly.  Effective?  Probably.


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