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You’ve found your girl.  You’ve got the thumbs up from her father.  You might even have the nuts and bolts of the proposal clearly marked up on a spreadsheet somewhere.  Next up, chaps?  It’s time to talk rings.  More specifically, the engagement ring.  The one she’ll proudly show off to her friends, family, colleagues, neighbours, the poor guy behind the cheese counter…. anyone she can get hold of to gush about her top bloke and the blinding gem he’s just presented her with.  No two ways about it – engagement rings are a big deal.  And choosing them?  Odds on one of the biggest tasks in the history of mankind.  But get it right and you’ll not only have a happy bride, but a massively impressed mother-in-law (bonus!), and a bunch of completely bemused mates all silently wondering how the hell they’ll ever match up.

And the great news?  With a little bit of expert guidance, you can be confident in choosing not only the very best quality engagement ring, but the perfect choice for your lady.

‘One ring to rule them all?’

Frodo might have had to conquer mountains and fire on his own quest for a ring, and fair play, he did a superb job. But at least he knew from the off exactly which ring he was dealing with.  The lucky sod didn’t have a million and one daunting options to choose from in the first place.  But that’s exactly where we come in.  With a whole heap of industry experience and an expert team to guide you on your merry marital way, at GoGroom we’re armed and ready with all the info you need to help make your pre-nuptial adventures go as smoothly as possible.

Buying An Engagement Ring – Where do I start?


First and foremost, establishing a budget is essential.  There’s no denying the diamond giants De Beers struck gold with their two month salary affairbut blowing all your bucks on a rock and landing yourself in debt won’t win you any awards with your beloved (and it might just land you in spare room exile).

So what’s the rule on splashing out?

Simple; ‘get the very best you can afford’, say etiquette experts Debrett’s.

Be realistic and you can’t go wrong.

Choosing an engagement ring – joint effort or solo mission?

If you’re at the stage where you’re planning your moment on bended knee, the chances are you’ve already been given a heads up on this one from fair lady in question.  Go it alone and you’ve got the chance to make your girl feel she’s hit the romance jackpot big time.  Pick together, the pressure’s off and you know without doubt she’ll get the engagement ring she wants.  Either way you’re onto a winner.

Engagement Ring Info – Key Considerations

The chances are this is your first foray into the baffling world of marital bling but worry not brave grooms, with a few key pointers you’ll be celebrating mission spectacularly accomplished in no time.

Main areas to consider include;

Size Matters!

And historically it’s also the area where most of us are likely to come unstuck.  Unless your beloved already happens to wear a ring on that all-important digit (in which case you can either ‘borrow’ it for sizing at a jewellers, or download a ring chart for comparison) you’re going to need to do some homework here.  But with a little Bond style planning and military precision you can crack this one in no time.  From string and print-out ring sizersfor any man daring enough to try to gauge a sleeping fiancée, to asking her friends and family (the chances are they’ll either already know her size, can cunningly convince her to try on a few rings for herself and pass on her particulars, or will be able to give an eerily spot-on guestimation), it’s worth putting in the effort to get it right first time.

But if your stealthiest moves don’t quite come up trumps?  All is not lost.  For a few extra bucks most rings can be resized without too much hassle.

  • Style

When it comes to style, no two ways about it, women know what they want.  And luckily for you, if you’re not completely clued up on your lady’s tastes in jewellery, not only do women know what they want but more often than not they’re quite happy to share these nuggets with their closest pals/mother/sister/colleagues, who’ll be more than happy to play accomplice to your marital mission.

Key style points to consider;

Personal preference – personality,lifestyle, likes, dislikes, cost, store vs bespoke, is it practical?
– Available options – metals, bands, settings, stones, shapes…

  • Diamonds

Not every woman will be clamouring to get her hands on a rock but if you find yourself hot on the trail of a carat or two, it helps to know the rules.  World-renowned experts and the leading authority on diamonds, the bods at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) handily compiled the ‘Four C’s’ – the gold standard test for diamond quality, and a cracking starting point for picking the best of the bunch.

Rules of the Rocks;

  • Cut – the better the cut of the diamond the flashier the gem on her finger.
  • Clarity – the fewer imperfections, the higher the cost.
  • Colour – the clearer the stone, the higher the value, and the more sparkle she can admire.
  • Carat – the weight of the rock.  The biggest diamond on the planet weighed in at a herculean 3106.75 carats with estimates of a £1 billion price-tag.  Fear not, brave grooms, the average diamond engagement ring weighs in at around a single carat. Beautiful!

What do women really want?

Now THAT, intrepid grooms, is the question.  And one that jewellery experts The Diamond Store bravely set out to discover.

So what do women want?

  • 35% want you to part with a month’s salary for their engagement ring (in keeping with tradition)
  • 16% thought six months’ worth was more appropriate (?!?!).
  • 42% don’t trust their men to pick a rock they’ll like (worry ye not, intrepid grooms – you’ve read the guide, you’re sorted)
  • 72% agreed diamonds really are a girls’ best friend.

So there you have it, chaps.  Gem mission over, it’s time to get down on bended knee….

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