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How to Write a Best Man’s Speech


A great best man’s speech is the highlight of the wedding reception. Let’s be honest here, weddings themselves can sometimes be stuffy affairs, everyone is looking forward to some light relief and as best man that is essentially you and your speech.

Yes everyone wants to enjoy the fine food, some will be looking forward to hitting the dancefloor or enjoying the (free?) bar. But without fail everyone will be holding out for the best man’s speech, waiting to hear what comedy ammunition you will be firing in the groom’s direction. Get it gloriously right and you will be hailed a hero and not have to buy a drink for the rest of the night. Get it excruciatingly wrong and you’ll be ordering a taxi, changing your name and setting up a new life in Mexico.

No pressure then.

If you want to ensure you get your best man’s speech bang on the money you can use our Wedding Speech Writer App with thousands of icebreakers, introductions and jokes to help you construct the perfect wedding speech.

It’s simple and easy to use and having been created by writers with years of comedy performing to their credit you’re guaranteed success.

The Basics

Position – The best man is the last to speak after the father of the bride and groom.

Timing – A good speech should run to approximately 7 minutes.

Tradition – The main role of the best man during his speech is to talk about the groom however as one of the couple’s closest friend’s he will also tell the happy couple’s story (first date, how they met, funny stories, etc). It is also the best man’s role to read out any messages from those who couldn’t attend the wedding.

Thank You’s – The best man will reply on behalf of the bridesmaids, ushers, etc and thank the bride and groom for their gifts.

Toast – The best man will propose the last of the wedding toasts to the bride and groom, this might already have been done by the father of the bride. To do it formally the best man should ask everyone to stand and raise their glasses.

How to Construct Your Speech

Your best man’s speech should breakdown into basic phases, this will make it easier to write and will ensure you cover everything you should with regards to the formal parts of your speech.

  • Introduction – Not everyone at the wedding will know who you are so make sure you introduce yourself and explain your relationship to the groom “For those of you that don’t know me I’m XXXX and I’ve known the groom since…”
  • Icebreaker – Get in an early laugh. You don’t need a killer line or gut-busting gag but just something to relax both you and your audience as you get into the swing of things. We have hundreds of icebreakers to choose from in our Wedding Speech Writer App.
  • Thank You – This is a formal phase early in your speech where you’ll thank the couple on behalf of the wedding party for the gifts that have been presented during the groom’s speech.
  • Roast the Groom – This is the main part of your speech and your chance to let rip in front of all his nearest and dearest with any funny stories or jokes at the groom’s expense.
  • Wise Words – Having given the groom an uncomfortable few minutes it is now time to offer some words of advice to the couple or a jokes or two.
  • Play Nicely – This is the time to offer some words of sincerity, tell the groom what a great friend/brother/cousin he is and talk about his new bride. But be nice, nothing will turn your against you audience faster than picking on the star of the show on her big day.
  • Postman – Read out any messages from friends or family who weren’t able to attend the wedding.
  • Toast – Traditionally the best man closes his speech by asking everyone to stand and raise their glasses to the bride and groom.

Top Tips

Language – This is a wedding, despite temptation DO NOT SWEAR. This will be a mixed crowd so even if you are adding a little adult material or risqué stories ensure you keep it clean so older relatives or parents with younger children won’t be offended.

Don’t forget the bride! – While it’s important to give the groom a hard time (you’re not vindictive you’re merely observing with tradition) make sure you save some words for the bride.

Jokes – What might go down well with the lads in the pub is not suitable for a family audience. Plan you material accordingly.

Props/Videos – Using a few pre positioned props or a video can be excellent. There are a number of brilliantly thought out and well constructed best man videos on YouTube. This is something of a gamble because done badly it will kill your speech, however get it right and everyone will be talking about your speech for years.

Here’s one of our favourites…

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