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How to Write a Father of the Bride’s Speech


A father of the bride’s speech is indeed a tough thing to write. There’s so much you want to say to the bride and yet for some finding the write words can be tricky.

Some men are natural raconteurs and love nothing more than standing in the spotlight telling gags, while others don’t feel as comfortable in front of an audience. However as the elder statesman of the wedding party it falls on your shoulders to kick off proceedings and remember this is a friendly crowd you’re facing who are all on your side so fear not.


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The Basics

Position – The father of the bride’s speech is given first, before the groom, who in turn speaks before his best man.

Timing – The perfect length for a wedding speech is roughly 7 minutes.

Tradition – The father of the bride is responsible for welcoming everyone to the wedding, in particular the groom’s family and thanking the guests for attending.
It is also usual for the father of the bride to speak about his daughter, welcome his new son-in-law to his family and to give the first of the toasts.

Thank You’s – Thanks all the guests for attending. Although not strict tradition the father of the bride might wish to thank the groom’s parents for the contribution and help in organising the wedding.

Toast – There are two toasts the father of the bride should give; there might be important family members on both sides who can’t make the big day or who might sadly have passed away. It is always best to check with the groom. The toast is given “To absent friends”.
The second toast is given to the bride and groom although this can be optional as the best man will offer this toast.

How to Construct Your Speech

Normally the father’s speech is the warm up for the two main acts and a good father’s speech does exactly that, get’s everyone comfortable, relaxed and in a great mood for the comedy banter the best man will soon be throwing at the groom.

Writing a formal speech can be a difficult thing but sticking to the principle phases will make your father of the bride’s speech easier to write and deliver on the day.

Introduction – While you are the father of the bride you won’t have met all your guests and not everyone will know your name so make sure you introduce yourself. Your introduction is also the perfect time to get in a quick joke to relax both your audience and yourself.

Welcome – Welcome all your guests and thank them for making their journeys to be with you. Also thank those who have helped in bringing the fantastic day together.

The Groom – Formally welcome him to your family and fire a few good natured jokes at his horribly young and broad shoulders. Also welcome the groom’s family and thank them for their assistance in the wedding arrangements.

The Bride – As well as being the perfect time to warn the groom about what he’s really let himself in for, you can tell a few stories about your daughter. Compare the funny little girl she once was to the beautiful woman she has become. This is also the perfect time to tell her just how proud you and her mother are and how much she means to you.

Wise Words – As well as using some fine quotes (you’ll find hundreds in our speech writer app) as elder statesman and having raised your own child/children it is traditional for the father of the bride to impart a few words of wisdom to the newlyweds. You might want to offer something sincere and heartfelt or throw in some funny advice.

Toast – The father of the bride will normally close his speech by making a toast to absent friends. Check with the groom or his family to see if there is anyone who can’t be present who deserves a special mention.

Top Tips

Don’t forget the Mother! – It has been done before, dad’s have written amazing wedding speeches and forgotten one very important person. So whatever you do don’t forget to mention the bride’s mother in your speech.

Keep It Light – There will no doubt be some very special words you wish to say to your daughter during your speech but try to balance these out with a few jokes to keep your speech upbeat.

Practice Makes Perfect – If you’re still unsure about your speech find someone to act as a willing audience or even just say it out loud in front of a mirror to get the timing write and work out any phrases that might potentially trip you up.


There are a number of great father of the Bride speeches on the internet however this one from Rowan Atkinson is pure genius!

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