‘A proposal of marriage requires planning; it’s an occasion that demands once-in-a-lifetime romance
that will be recalled time and time again’ – Debrett’s

So no pressure then, gents.

Popping the question; just four little words….. but the one sentence guaranteed to strike fear into the hearts of would-be grooms the world over.  Why?  For most guys it’s unchartered territory and they want to get it right.  It’s a story you – more specifically, your future wife – will be telling everyone (and we mean everyone) for years to follow, the first question everyone will ask when she announces her engagement will be “So how did he pop the questions?” and you will be judged on the story she tells.  So you want to be sure you do a mighty fine job and make it memorable for all the right reasons. No two ways about it, planning a proposal is one of the few things that can bring a fully grown alpha male to his knees (yes, pun fully intended).  So we’ve put together a few simple tips to help you on your way.

Marriage Proposal Traditions

Asking her Father

A recent survey by Men’s Health revealed 60% of women are big on having their man speak to her father before popping the question. Daunting? You bet!  But while it might require nerves of steel, giving her parents a heads-up on your intentions is still seen as an integral part of getting engaged.  It’s courteous, a superb way of letting them feel involved and a sure-fire hit with your bride-to-be. And just be thankful you’re not in Fiji, chaps – not only do guys there have the already ballsy task of asking for the father’s permission, they’re expected to bring him a whale tooth while they’re at it.

The ring

If you’re thinking of getting down on bended knee then the chances are you’ve already discussed (been told?) whether or not your other half is willing to let you pick the right sparkler when the time comes. Good luck, gentlemen!

Down on bended knee

Yep, however cool or creative the rest of your proposal might be, it seems tradition reigns supreme on this one – nearly 90% of women say they want their future grooms firmly on bended knee when they utter those four immortal words (The Knot).

Getting Engaged – Tips and ideas

A couple of hundred years ago a simple gift of gloves sent by a guy to his girl was the gold standard move in marriage proposals. If his lady sported the fetching handwear at church the following week?  Superb!  Time to buy a suit.  Fast forward to today and the stark news, gents… deciding how to propose is firmly up to you.

Since the dawn of time, romantic comedies have hyped up the red-roses, perfect speech, brilliant-sunshine-just-when-you-need-it-even-though-we’re-in-Britain type moments (top nod to Richard Curtis) that leave every groom-to-be wondering how the hell he’ll match up when it comes to his own moment on bended knee.

Whether you ultimately opt for crazy, cool or chivalrous, there are a few important factors every groom needs to consider when planning a proposal.


‘Pop quiz, hotshot – what do you do?’

Keep it personal

Consider your partner’s likes, dislikes, personality, special locations, movies, hobbies, dream holiday destinations…  She might have already given you a heads-up on her expectations for when that moment arrives.  Show her you’ve put in the effort and you’re onto a winner.

Go big, or go home?

Take note, chaps – a recent ‘battle of the sexes’ study revealed that only 10% of women would appreciate a big public proposal.  Give some thought to her personality.  Sure there are some hugely epic ways to proclaim your undying love but if your partner’s a shy kind of gal then a flashmob extravaganza in the middle of Trafalgar square isn’t going to cut it.

Location, location, location

First dates, special holidays, childhood memories… The world’s your lobster, gents!

Top 5 places to propose in the UK (according to;

  1. The Lake District
  2. Brighton
  3. Bath
  4. Edinburgh
  5. London


Choose a time when you can both revel in a job mightily well done.  It’s also worth considering any key dates to include/avoid, or times of year to best fit your plans.  A beach proposal might make her swoon on a balmy summer evening.  Depths of mid-winter?  Probably not.

The aftermath

And last but by no means least – once you’ve pulled out that sparkler and wowed with your top notch delivery, remember your new fiancée will more than likely want to get straight on the phone to text/call/email/fb/skype her friends and family to share the fantastic news.  GoGroom’s top tip; make sure your battery’s ready for the onslaught!

Proposal Planners

If some expert advice wouldn’t go amiss in making sure the moment runs smoothly, there are some top notch companies out there on a mission to make you shine.  From simple tips and advice, to planning a picnic or even taking over entire castles and galleries for the occasion, proposal planners are fast climbing the ranks among men of groom-kind.  Check out The Proposers and for some mighty fine ideas.

Proposals – the good, the insane and the awesomely epic!

The guy who faked his own death…

Proposing - Guy who faked his death

Director?  Check.  Stuntmen?  Check.  Buckets of fake blood, a gruesome staged car crash and a fiancée tempted to ‘kill him for real’ when she found out it was all a hoax?  Check, check and check. Why?  Russian Alexy Bykov wanted his girlfriend to realise ‘how empty her life would be’ without him.  The verdict?  She said yes (no… really).

The On-screen Proposal…

One of YouTube’s biggest romantic hits (29 million hits and counting). Matt Still turned his proposal into an epic blockbuster, including high speed cars and a few laughs along the way. He also instantly made fiancé Ginny the envy of women the world over and himself a proposing hero.

Matt Sill we salute you!

The Live Lip-dub

One Honda, 60 friends and family and that Bruno Mars song make Isaac Lamb’s lip-dub one of the most epic proposals of all time.

But top nod surely has to go to….

The one that took 4 years, 26 countries, a Proclaimers classic and more than 100,000 miles to make…

… and not a Bruno Mars hit in sight.

And finally…. leap year proposals


According to Irish folklore, back in the 5th century St Bridget struck a deal with St Patrick when the former allegedly complained that men take far too long to pop the question (?!?!) and the latter begrudgingly agreed to a new deal – that a woman could propose to her man during a leap year.  More specifically, 29th February.

Fast forward a few centuries and nearly a third of women have admitted considering taking the plunge themselves, with recent surveys revealing that 5% of modern men are now sporting their own engagement bling as a result.

What do you think, chaps – ‘man-gagement rings’, must have for the modern man or firmly best left on the shelf?

Let us know in the comment box below.

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