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Wedding Insurance


Wedding insurance isn’t always among the first few thoughts in everybody’s mind when it comes to matrimonial planning but that’s not to say it should be overlooked, far from it, the following information from wedding insurance experts – Dreamsaver – could be really useful …

  1. Why get wedding insurance?
    Weddings are expensive. If you spent more than £10,000 on anything else you would want some kind of protection in place in case something goes wrong, so why not insure your special day?
  2. How much does it cost?
    Dreamsaver wedding insurance costs from £25. However, wedding insurance is normally bought on the amount of cancellation cover you need, i.e. if your wedding costs £10,000 you will need to buy a policy that covers the full value of your wedding, this is so that if you need to cancel for an insured reason you get all your money back.
  3. What does it cover?
    Wedding insurance covers a range of eventualities such as cancellation or rearrangement, financial failure of wedding service suppliers, damage to ceremonial attire and loss or damage to wedding gifts.Be sure to read the policy wording to make sure that is provides the cover you require as the circumstance covered differ between policies.
  4. When should I buy it?
    Wedding insurance can be bought up to 2 years before the ceremony date. A good time for couples to think about buying a wedding insurance policy is when they start paying deposits to the caterers and the venue.
  5. Can I buy it the week before the wedding?
    Dreamsaver wedding insurance does allow you to buy a policy up to the day before the wedding however, certain sections of wedding insurance do not come into force until a period of time after the policy has been purchased, for example the financial failure section and cover for adverse weather only come into force 14 days after the policy has been purchased.
  6. Are deposits paid before buying the policy covered?
    As long as you don’t know any reason that would cause you to submit a claim, then under the Dreamsaver policy, deposits paid prior to taking out the insurance are covered.
  7. What if I have a medical condition?
    Most medical conditions of the bride, groom and anyone on whom the wedding depends, can be covered as long as a terminal prognosis has not been given or anyone is awaiting tests or investigation or undergoing inpatient treatment.
  8. Can I get liability cover for my guests?
    The bride and the groom are covered as standard by the policy (except for weddings taking place in the USA), however public liability can also be extended to guests for weddings taking place in the UK with a Dreamsaver wedding insurance policy with the payment of an additional premium.
  9. What about getting ‘Cold Feet’?
    Unfortunately there are no wedding insurance policies available in the UK that cover cancellation due to one of the couple getting ‘cold feet’ and not going through with the wedding.
  10. Where can I buy Dreamsaver wedding insurance from?
    Dreamsaver wedding insurance is available to by online from or by calling 01483 562 662 and mentioning GoGroom.


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