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If you’re still struggling to put pen to paper or already have a rubbish basket beside your desk littered with discarded speech drafts or simply don’t know where to begin writing a wedding speech then panic no more.

Our Wedding Speech Writer App has been put together by comedy writers with years of experience as both performers and script writers. We can guarantee you’ll find jokes, quotes, icebreakers and everything else you need to write the perfect speech that the wedding guests won’t have heard before.

And you’ll get all this expert help and access to the database of thousands of jokes for just £7.99. This will give credit you 28 days* access to the system so you can complete your whole speech in one sitting or save your speech then sign back in to edit it as many times as you like during those 28 days*.

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How does it work?

The app is loaded with all the various sections of your speech and tailored for each of the main wedding speakers.

You’ll find each of the correct section of your speech laid out in sequence with a huge number of options to build each section from your opening lines right through to your final toast.

As you find a section, joke or quote you wish to use the app the adds the selected section to that phase of your speech.

Once you have completed your speech you can then edit your speech to add the relevant names, dates locations for your stories or include any words of your own.

At this point you can then either save your speech for a later final edit or print it out ready to rehearse it ahead of he big day sure in the knowledge that you have completed a job well done (with a little extra help from professional comedy writers but we won’t tell if you don’t).

What’s in the Wedding Speech Writer App?

The app includes jokes, quotes and laughs for every part of your speech. You’ll also find sage words from some of the great speakers and philosophers and heartfelt lines from a father to his daughter on her big day or between two friends after the jokes have all been fired.

  • Icebreakers and opening lines
  • Quotes – Wedding, Marriage, Love, Romance, Funny Weddings Quotes, Father, Husband, Wife, Daughter and more…
  • Jokes about – The Groom, The Best Man, The Bride, The Father of the Bride, Parents, Brothers, Sisters, The Groom’s Job, Hobbies, Football Team, How They Met, The Honeymoon and many more…
  • Jokes about your speech and nerves
  • Ammunition for the Best Man to fire at the Groom
  • Ammunition for the Groom to fire at the Best Man
  • Jokes for Brides
  • Funny Advice
  • Words of Wisdom
  • Funny (fake) Messages
  • Closing Lines
  • Toasts

Most of us chaps like to think we are a great laugh with our mates and many might even have wondered how their hilarious brand of humour never took the world by storm with sell out tours, recording breaking residencies at the O2 and an annual Christmas DVD you’ll be plugging on Jonathon Ross.

However the reality of actually constructing a pre-written speech can be a more testing affair when pressing pen to paper. It’s not just coming up with a few embarrassing stories about the groom (he has unwittingly given you dozens of those over the years) or touching words to say about the bride but how to plot it all together.

The real pressure with wedding speeches lies on the importance of not wanting to let the happy couple down. It’s easy down the pub with your mates, you gauge the conversation and you know when a funny thought comes into your head as the lads will be laughing along with you. But sitting at a desk with just a pen and paper or laptop staring back at you suddenly the pressure feels a lot more pressing.


That’s where our Wedding Speech App comes into it’s own, its not only gives you the correct formula for your speech working through all the key phases but within each phase you’ll find a number of options.

For example; When researching opening lines you might decide you want to acknowledge the fact that you are slightly nervous to get your audience on your side. You’ll find a section in the Wedding Speech Writer App dedicated to nervous introductions. Each phase has dozens of options and the app itself has thousands of speech jokes and quotes to choose from.

So fear not, no matter how much writing your speech might have worried you before the solution is now just a click away.

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* Please note, your 28 days access begins from the day you sign up to the Wedding Speech Writer App and runs over a consecutive 28 day period. If you sign in on the 1st of the month your access will time out on the 29th.
This allows you to login in and out as many times as you wish during these 28 days.

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